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Burbank Tree Trimming and Stump Removal Services

Burbank schools, houses and places of business benefit from lush landscapes, wonderful backyards and a great Los Angeles scenery. Sherman Oaks Tree Service offers safe-day service, fair pricing and free on-site estimates to maintain these properties, ensuring the professional services your property needs. Serving both commercial and residential customers, Sherman Oaks Tree Service is always ready to assist property managers, homeowners, small business owners and city officials with care.

Dedicated to Your Property

With over 50 years of experience, Sherman Oaks Tree Service ensures top-quality tree care options. Both business owners and homeowners can benefit from our aggressive pricing, insured options and expansive list of tree care offers.

Because Sherman Oaks technicians are highly certified, hillside clearance, fire regulation, limb removal and irrigation projects are never a problem. Fortify your property today, and engage our stump removal, tree thinning and comprehensive care plans to ensure growth and sustainability. The Los Angeles area is big, and we’ve taken the necessary precautions to ensure each area is cared for with concern for the LA fire department.

Unforgettable Services

Whether it’s shaping, pruning, cleaning or reducing the size of your tree’s crown via drop crotching, Sherman Oaks Tree Service options are unparalleled. The area is filled with school zones, parks and communities. We understand the need for a healthy, well-maintained environment. By maintaining ongoing public communication, Sherman Oaks Tree Service can reflect the confidence our community has in us.

Each of our climbers has a proven record packed with years of experience. Fully insured, bonded and licensed, Sherman Oaks Tree Service prevents mishaps, fortifies property security and makes sure every job is completed with utmost care. Contact us today, and ask for a project quote. Our services are expansive, as are our testimonials. Whether you’re a commercial leader, a family member, a public official or new to the area, Sherman Oaks Tree Service can assist your Burbank property.