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Northridge Tree Arborist

Sherman Oaks Tree Care offers high-quality, in-depth services to Northridge, creating healthy landscapes with free, on-site estimates and great pricing. Whether you need your Los Angeles location trimmed, maintained or relieved of fallen branches, Sherman Oaks Tree Care can help. We offer a number of options for homeowners and businesses, and each is adaptable based upon your property’s needs

Tree Upkeep and Care

Day-to-day upkeep can be hard. Sherman Oaks Tree Care, however, utilizes time-tested-and-true strategies to grow your property’s trees effectively. Pruning, shaping and trimming are all excellent options. If you need deeper care to keep your trees rooted, branches from falling and yards from degrading, try our difficult tree thinning, removal and shaping options.

If a tree is removed, Sherman Oaks Tree Care will remove the stump. In special cases, selective and ornamental pruning options are available. Tree crowning and shaping services are conducted on a tree-to-tree basis, as are any intensive projects. Your property is important, and we adhere to LA fire department codes to make sure safety is a priority.

Keep an Eye on Your Trees

Trees might seem durable, but they’re susceptible to bacteria, mold growth and harsh weather. Sherman Oaks Tree Care offers Northridge consultations, and each of our expert tree technicians can create care plans based upon your property’s needs. We’ll advise you of any specific needs, recommended treatments and estimates.

By proposing a custom call to action, we can ensure tree-specific services. We want to give you insight, and we want to preserve the beauty, integrity and value of your home. Your local environment is important to us, and we’re always available to provide information. Contact Sherman Oaks Tree Care today, and ask us about our 50-year good service record. Los Angeles is filled with beautiful homes, successful businesses and popular travel destinations. Make your property one of the finest around.